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This 7-day Feast reminds us that, as ‘ELOHIYM reveals sins and satanic influence & deception (ROM 3:23, 5:12, 6:23, 1JO 5:19, REV 12:9,) in the life of one being actively called or drawn by HIM (MAT 20:16, 22:14, 1CO 1:26), we must obediently acknowledge and demonstrate that HE is our “Ultimate Authority” (MAT 7:21-23, LUK 6:46, 1CO 8:5-6) and that physical effort to remove the sins (repentance) is necessary (LUK 3:2-14, 1CO 10:1-11). We come to see that our sincere efforts to worship GOD, was not accepted because it is or was according to the doctrines and traditions of men, and not fully according to the truths of ‘ELOHIYM (ISA 55:8-9, MAT 15:7-8, JOH 4:23-24). [As with the case of Apollos and eleven other ministers, when the conditions surrounding their baptism varies from the “complete” instructions of The Scriptures, a “valid baptism” and “The Laying on of Hands” must be performed by one authorized according to the mandate of ‘ELOHIYM’s Word (ACS 19:1-6).] During this feast we remove the temporary symbol of sin, leavening, from our homes & lives, while daily eating unleavened bread, a symbol of our desire to “come out of sin” and to become sinless before ‘ELOHIYM (EXO 13:3-10, 14:1-31, 23:14, 34:18, NUM 28:17, DEU 16:3). This process reminds us that true repentance, in obedience to ‘ELOHIYM, is a part of what is required, before baptism is “valid & accepted” (MAR 16:16, ACS 2:38). Help from GOD is needed in order to “come out of” or eliminate all sin! [As during Christ’s time, anyone, including religious leaders, who fails to acknowledge and submit in obedience to ‘ELOHIYM’s Word, should not be baptized (LUK 7:30).] This feast acknowledges, in part, that obedience, repentance and baptism are necessary to come out of sin (LEV 23:6-15, MAR 1:5.7&8, 1CO 5:8, 1PE 3:8-17). Christ observed this annual feast with His disciples, knowing He would be crucified on the 4th [day of the week] Nisan [Month] 14 [day] on the original Hebrew calendar [counting backwards on our current Roman calendar, the date would be Wednesday, April 25th, 31AD] and entombed (buried) at sunset, which began this Feast (MAT 26-27, MAR 8:31, LUK 23:50-54). This prevented Him from being un-buried on this “High Sabbath Day” (MAR 15:17-42, JOH 19:28-36). Sunset on The Weekly Sabbath (Saturday Evening, which also began the First Day), during this Feast is when Jesus was resurrected, exactly 3 days & 3 nights (72-hours) after being entombed, fulfilling all of the many pre-recorded prophesies (MAT 12:39-40, 16:4, LUK 11:29-30). This is also why He was “already gone from the tomb”, when the women came, “while it was still dark”, on the First day of the week (JOH 20:1-10, MAR 16:9). He ascended and was accepted by ‘ ‘ELOHIYM (GOD THE FATHER) as our Wave Sheaf Offering (JOH 20:17, 1CO 15:1-7, EPH 4:8-10), activating many of HIS benefits for HIS Elect. This confirmed His example of how we should live and worship (1PE 2:21), verifying and activating the mechanism for our healing and the termination of our sins (JAM 5:14), and thereby assuring the reality of our resurrection to Eternal Life, when He returns (ROM 8:29, 1CO 15:12-58). This is the Hope of Salvation for the true Elect of ‘ELOHIYM. HE commands the giving of a Wave Sheaf Offering on the day after this Sabbath as a celebration of these awesome realities (LEV 23:10-14, EPH 5:2, HEB 10:1-25).

Obedience and repentance are necessary, before a “Scripturally valid” baptism makes us eligible for the benefits that ‘ELOWAHH ‘ELOHIYM (GOD THE FATHER) provides, through HIS acceptance of YeHoWaH ‘ELOHIYM (Jesus Christ) as HIS Wave Sheaf offering for our sins.

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