Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM Int'l



During the 1000-year period of Satan’s restraint, humanity will finally experience the quality of life that ‘ELOHIYM (GOD) intended (GEN 2:16-17, DEU 30:19).   This will be made possible by the loving reign of Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords, and the Divine Elect, who will reign under Him as Kings and Priests (REV 20:4-6).  The millennial rule, typed by this Feast, is the physical rest for mankind, typed in part, by The Weekly Sabbath (HEB 4:1-10).  When the meaning of this Feast is fulfilled, every nation will observe the Feast of Tabernacles and send a representative to Jerusalem during this time (ZEC 14:16).  ‘ELOHIYM will cause a curse in the form of a plague and a year of no rain, to come on any nation that fails to send a representative to Jerusalem for this Festival (ZEC 14:17-19).  This commanded 7-day part of The Feast is observed beginning with a High Sabbath Day (LEV 23:33-36, 39-44). It is a time of feasting, fun, fellowship and intensified learning.  As with all of ‘ELOHIYM’s commanded assemblies, the physical Family or Congregation of ‘ELOHIYM assembles on the days HE designates in HIS Word, and in the areas designated by HIS administration in The Church, for daily praise, worship and study of HIS Word and its applications (DEU 12:5, 11 & 21, 14:23-24, 16:2, 6 & 11, 26:2, MAR 14:13-17, LUK 22:8-13).  Proper application of HIS financial principles enables The Elect to prepare throughout the year for this special time (DEU 14:22-27).  By the time of Christ’s ministry (27-31AD), religious leaders had instituted traditions that modified the commands and observance of ‘ELOHIYM, including this Feast, to the point that they were no longer HIS (MAT 23:13-33, LUK 11:37-54).  That’s why The Feasts began, and continue to be called, “The Feasts of the Jews” instead of “The Feasts of ‘ELOHIYM (GOD)”.  The religious and political leaders of Jerusalem and Rome failed to recognize Jesus as the authority that He was, and therefore were angered because His demonstration and teaching of the Truths of ‘ELOHIYM, challenged them and their authority (MAT 4:12-10:42, 12:1-50, 15:1-20, 21:23-27, 22:15-46, 23:1-36, JOH 2-10).   Presently, during this Feast, HE increases our understanding of the temporary nature of this “present evil world” and teaches us how to better execute our responsibility, to follow His example by living as “lights of the world”, until HE replaces it with our permanent abode in HIS Kingdom, where we will live forever as HIS Eternal Family (2CO 4:4, JOH 3:19, 8:12, 12:46, MAT 5:14,).  The whole family learns to look forward to and plan for this happy and joyous Feast!

‘ELOHIYM’s planned rest for mankind, typed by the Weekly Sabbath, is now implemented for the benefit of all humanity, as Jesus Christ and the Divine Elect rule the whole earth for 1000 years.

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