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Is a High Sabbath when ‘ELOHIYM commands the Holy Assembly of HIS Chosen (LEV 23:26-32). When YeHoWaH ‘ELOHIYM caused His instructions, concerning this day, to be first recorded (EXO 30:10), He used the word “Kippur” (pronounced Kip-POOR’); which comes from the word “Kaphar” (pronounced Kaw-FAR’), meaning to make (an) atonement for, cleanse, disannul, forgive, be merciful, pacify, pardon, purge (away), reconcile (d); (-liation). In the Current Covenant (New Testament) the word for atonement was “Katallage” (pronounced Kat-al-lag-AY’) (2CO 5:18-19, ROM 5:11) During the Original Covenant (Old Testament) historical period, when everything, including the animal sacrifices, was a pre-type of future fulfillments (HEB 10), the sins of the obedient among the Children of Israel were forgiven as all of their sins were symbolically applied to a goat which was called an ‘Aza’zel, (pronounced Az-aw-ZALE’) meaning goat of departure. In some bibles, it is incorrectly translated “scapegoat” because of the false belief that this goat “escaped” the consequences of sin that was upon him. It was one of two goats chosen for this ceremony on The Day Of Atonement. The first goat, representing YeHoWaH ‘ELOHIYM, who would come as Jesus Christ, was sacrificed, while the sins of the nation were conferred upon the ‘aza’zel, representing Satan, and was taken out into the wilderness and released (Leviticus 16). This was a pre-type of his future 1000-year banishment from mankind (REV 20:2-3). During the Original Covenant period, this day was observed with “tsuwm (pronounced tsoom) meaning to fast by “covering the mouth” or without any food or water intake. This was because water was a symbol of Ruwach ‘ELOHIYM (The Spirit of GOD) who generally was not dwelling in them. After Pentecost 31AD, Holy Spirit was available and dwelling inside the True Elect of ‘ELOHIYM. Beginning that year, the inspired words for fasting are “nesteia” (pronounced nace-ti’-ah) meaning voluntary abstinence from food specifically the fast of the Day of Atonement; “nesteuo” (pronounced nace-tyoo’-o) meaning to abstain from food (religiously):- fast; and “nestis” (pronounced nace’-tis) meaning not eating, i.e. abstinent from food (religiously):-fasting (MAT 4:2, ACS 13:1-3, MAT 6:16-18, MAT 9:14, ACS 27:9). Fasting under the Current Covenant is with “water intake only”, an acknowledgement of Ruwach ‘ELOHIYM’s in-dwelling leading, teaching and empowerment, and our desire for ‘ ‘ELOHIYM’s “living water” to flow into and out of us, for the benefit of others HE will draw to HIMSELF through our example (JOH 4:10-14, JOH 7:38, 1JO 5:8).

Eight potential benefits are available when Atonement is observed as ‘ELOHIYM instructs (LEV 4:1-6:7 &16:30):

1. Enhances recognition and admission of sin, by enabling us to see the difference between GOD’s Word and our beliefs and behavior.

2. Provisions for the repentance of sin, by increasing our awareness of the magnitude of our guilt and earned destruction as the consequences of our sin, in light of GOD’s sacrifice for our sin.

3. Stops progression of sin, by activating our willingness to submit in obedience to the Truths and Principles of GOD’s Word as the Ultimate Authority in our lives.

4. Activates the forgiveness of sin, by applying the Atoning Blood of Jesus Christ on our behalf as we repent and begin to walk in obedience.

5. Accelerates the elimination of sin, by transferring our sins to Satan, the god of this world and originator of sin, who is then driven away from us.

6. Reverses the consequences of sin, by building in its place the benefits and blessings of GOD as we continue to walk in obedience to HIS Governing Truths and Principles.

7. Extinguishes the guilt incurred by sin, by purging our consciousness of stigma and eventually the memory of sin.

8. Atonement, when properly applied, ends Satan’s attacks on us, and enables us to enjoy The Feast of Tabernacles, which is a pre-type of the 1000-year reign of Jesus Christ and GOD’s Elect, over humanity. During this time, Satan and his entire kingdom will be banished, unable to influence humanity!

As we properly implement the process of atonement, on the Day of Atonement, our preparation, and observance, including our fasting, study, personal evaluation, confession, repentance, prayer, praise, worship, and fellowship, will combine to increase the quantity and quality of the benefits we receive as the result of full participation in this Most Holy Day!

When the meaning of this day is fulfilled, the Spiritually enhanced understanding of the Elect, just having been made Divine or Immortal, causes them to feel extremely guilty, and unworthy of the indescribable blessing of empowerment they have just received. This guilt is then miraculously expunged or eliminated, completing the atonement process and making them finally and permanently at-one with ‘ ‘ELOHIYM, as Jesus requested (JOH 17:11). Also at this time, Satan and the demons who rebelled, will be bound in Tartarus, a temporary place of restraint where they will not be able to influence mankind for 1000-years (2PE 2:4, REV 20:1-3). This will officially end the 6 millennial days or 6000 years of man’s self-rule under the domination and influence of the satanic kingdom.

This day is observed by fasting 24 hours (water intake only), beginning at sunset the evening before the Holy Day and ending at sunset on the Holy Day. When this day is observed as commanded, all of the known sins, which must have been confessed to ‘ELOHIYM (GOD), and all of our unknown sins are transferred to Satan, and we are forgiven. At this point we are totally sinless before GOD once again. Failure to forgive another’s sins against you can cause ‘ELOHIYM not to forgive your sins (MAT 6:15, MAR 11:26)!

All sins of the Elect with associated memory and guilt are permanently placed on Satan; he and all demons are restrained for 1000 years.

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