Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM Int'l




The Body and Blood of YeHoWaH ‘ELOHIYM, who became Jesus Christ (JOH 1:1-3) (referred to as Iesous Cristos, in the Greek language), The Lamb of GOD, have been given to provide for the healing and the forgiveness of the sins of man (JOH 1:29-34). Jesus Christ was Himself baptized-by-immersion as a confirmation of the necessity of this step as a designed part of GOD’s Plan (MAT 3:13-15, MAR 1:9, LUK 3:21-22), and also as a prerequisite to receiving ‘ ‘ELOHIYM’s (THE FATHER’s) gift to HIS children—Ruwach ‘ELOHIYM (Holy Spirit [referred to as “Hagios Pneuma” in the Greek Language]) to live in them (MAT 3:16, MAR 1:10, JOH 1:32-36). Jesus Christ instituted this New Covenant Passover Ceremony and its symbols, commanding its observance each year, on the anniversary (LUK 22:15-20, JOH 13:1-26, 1CO 11:24). Following His command and the examples of the Apostles, we assemble and wash one another’s feet as a symbol of our love for, and willingness to serve Him, each other, and humanity (MAT 22:37-40, MAR 12:30-31, LUK 10:25-28, 1CO 11:23-26). In doing so, we symbolically wash our Savior’s feet and have our feet washed by Him (MAT 25:40&45). We also eat a piece of Unleavened Bread, a symbol of His sinless body, which was beaten, scourged, and disfigured to the point that His bones and internal organs were exposed and He was no longer recognizable (PSA 22:6-21, MAT 20:18-19). This made possible the benefit of ‘ELOHIYM’s healing for all those who will submit to HIS Truths and Principles that govern healing. Wine, symbolic of Jesus’ blood, which was required in order for the sins of humanity to be forgiven, is also consumed as a part of the annual New Covenant Passover ceremony (MAT 26:26-29, HEB 9:11-28). Repenting for our sins, and our forgiveness of the sins of others against us (MAT 6:15), in obedience to GOD’s commands concerning the time, preparation, and method of this part of the ceremony is our demonstration of our faith in the power of that sacrifice to heal and forgive our sins (MAT 4:17, 1CO 11:28). It is during this ceremony that GOD forgives all of the accumulated and unforgiven sins of HIS Elect. We are, each year, at that instant, sinless before our FATHER once again. Failure to properly observe this feast, or inappropriately partaking of its symbols can result in the unanswered prayers, unhealed sickness, and premature death, of those who, knowingly or unknowingly, fail to properly observe and/or violate this Holy Ceremony (1CO 11:29-30). Healing is a benefit promised only to those in obedience to the physical and Spiritual laws of ‘ELOHIYM (MAT 13:15, JOH 12:40, ACS 28:27). YeHoVaH ‘ELOHIYM as Jesus Christ, instituted this Current Covenant Passover on the evening before the observance of the Original Covenant Passover in 31AD. This was because He was to become the “Sacrificed Lamb of GOD” the next day, which was the “Preparation Day”, and be buried before the beginning of the “High Sabbath” which began with the Night to be Much Observed, at sunset on that day (MAR 15:42-44).

The Body & Blood of YeHoWaH ‘ELOHIYM is sacrificed so that healing & forgiveness of obedient Mankind can be made routinely possible.

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