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Reminds us that ‘ELOHIYM (GOD) fulfilled HIS promise to preserve and multiply the physical descendants of Abraham (GEN 17:1-27, 22:15-19, 46:1-6, 50:22-26). In time, they were made slaves in Egypt as prophesied (GEN 15:13-16), which became the oppressive world of sin that surrounded them (EXO 1). To redeem them, they were covered by the symbol of the blood of YeHoWaH ‘ELOHIYM (The LoRD GOD), who accomplished the “impossible” task of preserving them and delivering them from the world of sin (Egypt) in which they lived (EXO 12:1-14, 29-51, 33:1, LEV 23:4-5, NUM 9:1-5). They were commanded to perform many animal sacrifices, which were symbolic of the different aspects of the future New Covenant sacrifice of YeHoWaH ‘ELOHIYM, who as Jesus Christ – the Lamb of GOD, would give His life to make it possible for the sins of the world to be forgiven (HOS 13:14, JOH 1:29& 36, 3:16-18, MAT 20:28, 1TI 2:6). The observance of Passover was so important, that ‘ELOHIYM instituted an “Alternate Passover” principle, under the Original Covenant, to be applied under the Current Covenant, so that HIS benefits can still be made available to HIS Elect, who may be Scripturally ineligible or unable to participate on the actual anniversary (NUM 9:6-14). Our obedient observance of this time is presently a demonstration of our confidence that ‘ELOHIYM will likewise fulfill HIS promise to preserve and deliver HIS Elect, the obedient physical and spiritual descendants of Abraham, from the destructive consequences of disobedience, which will come upon the whole world of sin that surrounds us (REV 3:7-13). These consequences include wars & violence, disease epidemics, famine, pestilence, and other imbalances in the earth and the heavens (JAM 4:1-3, MAT 24:3-8, MAR 13:3-8, LUK 21:7-11). It also symbolically points to the necessity of “baptism-by-immersion” as a part of our way out of sin & suffering, and into the benefits of physical and spiritual freedom. This was typed in part by Israel passing through the Red Sea, under the physical leadership of Moses (1CO 10:1-12). The Children of Israel had to demonstrate their faith in YeHoWaH ‘ELOHIYM by obeying His instructions, through Moses, to go through the Red Sea (HEB 11:29). Likewise, we must faithfully rely on ‘ELOHIYM’s Scriptures and the instructions from HIS Apostles and Prophets, to experience HIS promise to preserve and deliver us (AMO 3:7, 1CO 12:28-29, EPH 2:19-3:6, 4:11-16, 2PE 3:2-9).

Just as ‘ELOHIYM preserved & delivered Ancient Israel from their world of sin, as promised, ‘ELOHIYM will preserve & deliver HIS Elect from the worst consequences in human history, soon to come upon the world of sin that surrounds us.

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