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The Feast of Weeks reminds us that during the period from Adam to Jesus Christ, the general availability of Holy Spirit as the “in-dwelling” Comforter and Teacher of the “seed of Abraham” was a future reality (LEV 23:15-22, JOH 7:38-39). During this period, the Elect of GOD prayed to YeHoWaH ‘ELOHIYM (The LoRD GOD) (EXO 4:10-17, NUM 21:7, 1SA 7:5, 2SA 24:17, 2KI 6:17, JER 42:20, JON 4:2, MAL 1:9), who was also Melchizedek (GEN 14:18-20, HEB 7:1-4). The Feast of Weeks looked forward to the fulfillment of the Day of Pentecost, when communication with ‘ ‘ELOHIYM (THE FATHER) would, for the first time, become possible. When fulfilled, Ruwach ‘ELOHIYM (The Spirit of GOD, also referred to as Pneuma THEOS and Hagios Pneuma in the Greek language) would be made available to both Israelites and non-Israelites, making them the “prophesied seed of Abraham” through Christ (ROM 4:13-17, GAL 3:16-18 & 26-29). On the day of Pentecost, 31AD, the Elect of ‘ELOHIYM were empowered by Holy Spirit, beginning with the Apostles (ACS 2:1-47), just as Christ had promised (JOH 14:26). There was a thick and densely woven veil at the entrance to The Most Holy Place (EXO 26:31-33), which signified the divide between humanity and ‘ ‘ELOHIYM (HEB 9:2-9). A great earthquake occurred and this veil was miraculously torn from top to bottom at the instant Christ died (MAT 27:50-51, MAR 15:37-38, LUK 23:45), symbolically signifying the official opening of The Way between ‘ ‘ELOHYIM and HIS Elect (2CO 3:13-16). This made it possible for the Elect to communicate directly with ‘ ‘ELOHIYM when we follow Christ’s prayer instructions (MAT 6:6-9, LUK 11:2, JOH 15:16, 14:12-13, 16:23&26, EPH 2:18). Since that time, Ruwach ‘ELOHIYM, (Holy Spirit) the promised gift from ‘ ‘ELOHIYM (JOH 14:26, 15:26 & 16:7), has been given freely (1CO 2:12) to ‘ELOHIYM’s Elect after baptism (MAT 28:19), as hands are laid on the baptizee, by an authorized baptizer who has likewise received the in-dwelling Spirit of ‘ELOHIYM (ACS 8:14-17,19:1-6, 1CO 12:13, 1TI 4:14). ‘ELOHIYM only validates baptisms that meet all of HIS conditions. This confirms or seals the Elect as a true child of THE ONE TRUE ‘ELOHIYM (GOD), literally making them a physical part of HIS Spiritual Family. Being observed and taught by the Apostles (ACS 20:16), Pentecost pictures the sealing and empowering of ‘ELOHIYM’s Elect by the in-dwelling of Ruwach ‘ELOHIYM (Holy Spirit), who begins to live in and lead them into more perfect obedience and faith (ROM 6:1-11, 8:14, 1PE 1:13-2:3, REV 22:14).  This is also a part of the Good News, and the foundation of Truth (HEB 6:1-3). 

A Scripturally valid baptism, followed by the laying on of hands results in Ruwach ‘ELOHIYM (The Spirit of GOD) being imparted to live-in, lead, and empower the Elect of ‘ELOHIYM, to do HIS will, according to the Truths & Principles of HIS Word.



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